What is it?

Some voice program (such as Skype) do not have any built in support for Push-To-Talk (PTT). This program runs on your computer and mute your mic so you don't have to care if your program support Push-to-talk or not.

I want to use a mouse button for my PTT, is that possible?

There is no good way to do this but there is a workaround using AutoHotkey in combination with the script found in this AutoHotkey-script

Can I get the source code?

The source is included in the zip-file with the precompiled binary. You can use the code as like but I would love to hear from you if you decide to use it.

Where is the configuration files saved?

In your %AppData%\Harding\PushToTalk\*.dat

What is the format of the config file?

4 bytes HotKey as Int, 1 byte length of friendly name, friendly name

How do I know it's not virus?

There is an excellent site to scan for viruses called Virus Total